TV Shows | 1.24.2017

American Housewife- Season 1, Episode 2- Threshold Wellsbridge Aqua

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 2

Awoken in the middle of the night three separate times by her three “animals” (her words not ours), Katy Otto finds herself exacerbated and exhausted. Oliver, rude “animal” #1, was convinced he was experiencing a heart attack due to his “bad trade in the stock market club.”

Katy tells her over achieving, money hungry son, “Your stock market club is getting a little too serious. No more waking me up with fake symptoms of a fake heart attack.” With the bravado of a Wall Street trader, Oliver quips, “Can’t help it mom, it’s this type of intensity that’s gonna make me rich. So I can afford things like matching plates”, as he holds up two plates that couldn’t be more different. Katy cheekily points to each dish, “First apartment, Red Lobster!”

In Oliver’s left hand is the “first apartment” plate– a pattern we at Moshi Motif know all too well! Threshold’s (Target) Wellsbridge Aqua pattern would be the ideal first apartment collection for Katy and Greg Otto as it features a traditional yet unique look, perfect for newlyweds. The pattern features a light blue glaze with a scalloped edge against durable stoneware.

The Wellsbridge Aqua pattern has become a set design favorite, featured in This Is Us, Being Mary Jane, and Angel From Hell.