TV Shows | 3.8.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 12-Corning Colonial Mist and Dansk Kobenstyle Yellow

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 12

This Is Us is known for introducing complexity and struggle within each character. With every new episode we learn something new about each individual involved in the Pearson’s lives.

This specific episode explores the day the “Big Three” are born, from observing Dr. K and his loneliness, to Rebecca kicking Jack out of the house, to a new character we have only met once before, the fireman who brought Randall into the hospital.

In this scene, the fireman and his wife are having very obvious marital struggles. We see the deep sensitivity and love he has for his wife coupled with her bitterness and negativity as we watch this scene unfold.

As the scene continues we notice the fireman’s wife is cleaning a Corning Colonial Mist covered casserole. This pattern was initially produced in 1983 to complement the Corelle Colonial Mist collection. This pattern features a floral blue on white or white on blue depending on the piece. There is also a Dansk Kobenstyle Yellow metal covered casserole sitting on the stove. The Kobenstyle Yellow pattern was also manufactured in the 1980’s and features enameled steel rather than the traditional heavy metal.