Movies | 5.2.2017

Snatched (2017) – Majesticware Spring Daisy

Snatched (2017)  | 

In this madcap comedy, Goldie Hawn plays the cautious, somewhat staid, mother to daughter and “comedy queen” Amy Schumer’s frenetic, drama-prone personality. When Emily (Amy Schumer) gets dumped by her musician/poser boyfriend, she heads home to lick her wounds. After minutes home with her clingy, slightly Oedipal brother (played by the hilarious Ike Barinholtz), Emily decides she needs to get out of the house…dragging her mother along for the ride. Which, as you can guess from the title, is when the South American hostage hilarity ensues. 

Though we have a hard time picturing Goldie Hawn as anything but the life of the party, her character Linda seems to appreciate the soft comforts of home – including the adorable Spring Daisy china pattern by Majesticware. See the dishes in action in this trailer.

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