TV Shows | 5.1.2017

Happy Mother’s Week! Cambria Persimmon and Threshold Wellsbridge Brick

Mom  | 

We’re devoting this week to mothers around the world because we at Moshi believe one day of celebration just isn’t enough. To kick off the Mother’s Week celebration we’re fittingly featuring the hit comedy, Mom.

As with many shows, a restaurant or bar can become a beloved character in its own right. It is the backdrop for conversations, meals, cups of coffee, laughter, tears, pints of beer, and the ups and downs of the characters’ lives. How I Met your Mother has McLaren’s; Big Bang Theory has the Cal Tech cafeteria; Cheers has, well, Cheers; Seinfeld has Monk’s; Bones has the Royal Diner; Friends has Central Perk; 90210 has the Peach Pit; Gilmore Girls has Luke’s; Happy Days has Arnold’s; and the list goes on and on.

For the ladies of Mom, this place is the Bistro. Here, they discuss the trials and tribulations of sobriety, men, and each other. The food at the bistro has been served on Pottery Barn Cambria Persimmon dishware throughout Seasons 3 and 4. (In Season 1, they used Threshold Wellsbrigde Brick.) Cambria has been offered in 12 colors, and Persimmon was discontinued in 2016. The Cambria dishes were part of Christy’s 3 Years Sober Celebration in Season 3, Episode 22. And when Jill is discussing her options on adoption in Season 3, Episode 18. While the Wellsbridge dishes were there when Marjorie told the ladies that she has breast cancer, in Season 1, Episode 11.