TV Shows | 4.20.2017

Weeds – Season 2, Ep 2 – Pfaltzgraff Dazee Sky

Weeds  | Season 2, Episode 2 -

The drama of Nancy’s life continues to spiral in Season 2 of Weeds. She realizes her suitor, Peter, is a DEA agent. When she tells Conrad, he pulls out of the grow business. Plus, it seems like everyone who knows that she is a dealer is using it against her – including her son Silas and her housekeeper Lupita.

In Episode 2, Celia is trying to pressure Nancy into helping with her City Council campaign against Doug, putting Nancy in a tough spot since she needs Doug for her grow business. Meanwhile, Andy is stressing out about his Rabbinical school essay on Judaism which, in its current iteration, compares his Jewish faith to his relationship with the movie Ghostbusters.

When whirlwind Celia barges in –  just as Nancy and Andy are about to head out to a grow convention – we can see a Pfaltzgraff Dazee Sky bowl in the dish rack on the counter. Is it just coincidence? Or a clever play on words…..dazee=dazed?

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