Movies | 3.26.2016

Sex and the City (The Movie)- Balcon du Guadalquivir by Hermes

Sex and the City  | 

Even during one of the saddest scenes in the movie, Sex and the City delivers on fabulous. Louise is unpacking the wedding gifts from Carrie and Big’s wedding that wasn’t, and we catch a glimpse of the china that the couple selected. The stunning Balcon du Guadalquivir by Hermes. The pattern suits the couple perfectly – haute couture for Carrie, architectural and modern for Big. Nestled in the box we see a coffee pot with lid. In the next shot we can see a cup and saucer set peaking out of the box. The Balcon du Guadalquivir was designed after the intricate and bold ironwork of Andalusian town. The red in this pattern gives the pieces a bold, noticeable element that brings a sense of feminine and masculine to any dining experience.