TV Shows | 3.25.2016

Friends- Season 1, Episodes 7 and 13- Libbey’s Teardrop Cobalt

Friends  | Season 1, Episodes 7 and 13

Experiencing a rolling black out, the Friends crew gathers together to wait out the power failure over a candlelit wine night. Amidst the glowing candles and continuous comedic one liners, we see a striking glassware pattern. Libbey’s Teardrop Cobalt wine glass features an electric, cobalt blue colored glass in a teardrop shape. The masculine color of the glass in the feminine, teardrop shape makes this the perfect pattern to be shared between Ross and Phoebe or Chandler and Rachel! This glassware is also featured in Phoebe’s hands later in the season as she engages in conversation with Monica and new boyfriend, Roger.