TV Shows | 2.2.2017

The Big Bang Theory – Season 10, Ep 12 – Franciscan Desert Rose

The Big Bang Theory  | Season 10, Ep 2 (The Holiday Summation) - Franciscan Desert Rose

In this scene, Amy and Mary debate who should go in to calm Sheldon down while enjoying cups of tea. Amy says that she will go; but Mary says she was the one to anger him, so she should be the one to go in. Of course, neither of them end up going because, at […]

TV Shows | 7.21.2016

The Nanny – Season 1, Episode 3 – Franciscan Desert Rose

The Nanny  | Season 1, Episode 3; Season 1, Episode 5; Season 1, Episode 9

Franciscan Desert Rose glassware is a popular choice for the Sheffields. The family has Desert Rose double old fashioned glasses and iced tea glasses. They can been seen being used often throughout Season 1. Franciscan Desert Rose has been produced continually since 1941, and is only 1 of 2 Franciscan patterns with that distinction. (The […]