TV Shows | 2.11.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 2- Le Creuset White Kettle

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 2

Unlike his parents, Jack and Rebecca, Randall Pearson loves the refined and sophisticated aspects of life; he drives a Mercedes, wears expensive suits, and lives in an affluent, upscale neighborhood. Randall and Beth Pearson’s love for the finer things in life carries over into their own home. Every item has a specific purpose and adds to […]

TV Shows | 6.23.2016

The Nanny – Season 1, Episode 2 – Blue Danube Candlestick Holders

The Nanny  | Season 1, Episode 2; Season 1, Episode 4; Season 1, Episode 6; Season 1, Episode 7

The Sheffields spend a lot of time in the kitchen. From after school snacks, to facials, to homework time, the family is often found in their  large kitchen. Among the many objects around the kitchen, a pair of Blue Danube 6″ Candlestick Holders. This set can be seen in several episodes.