TV Shows | 11.6.2017

Fuller Thanksgiving- Fuller House, Season 2, Ep 6 – Footed Lion’s Head Bowl

Fuller House  | Season 2, Episode 6

In this Thanksgiving episode, the entire family returns to celebrate the holiday. Well, the entire family, with one notable exception – Michelle……we’re looking at you Mary Kate and Ashley.

Joey’s new family is quite the handful; Steve shows up with his new girlfriend CJ; Stephanie is dating a Gibbler; Danny has had a near death experience/mid-life crisis; Becky desperately wants a baby; and D.J. wants to show everyone she can throw the PERFECT holiday.

The episode is a roller coaster of family drama, but does culminate with the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner. (Thanks to an assist from CJ.)

The family enjoys a bounty of Thanksgiving dishes, and the cranberry sauce is served in a white lion’s head handled bowl.

This style of piece can be found in many traditional white patterns including Apilco Classic Whiteware; Classic White by Cordon Blue, Blanc by Sur la Table; and California (Blanc De Blanc) by Philippe Deshoulieres. The piece can be used for serving, soup, cereal, fruit, ice cream, and so much more. It is a classic look that can be combined with any white pattern, or can be mixed and matched with more colorful sets.