Movies | 12.1.2017

Bridget Jones’ Baby – Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri

Every Christmas, Bridget Jones attends her mother’s turkey curry buffet. And, despite having two potential baby daddies, Bridget Jones arrives at the turkey curry buffet alone. Again. Spinster queen extraordinaire. But Bridget realizes that being pregnant de-stigmatizes her loneliness. For a pregnant woman is never truly alone due to the “miniature miracle growing inside”.

When Bridget arrives, she finds that the house is already full of her mother’s political supporters. Not wanting embarrass her mother, Bridget offers to go upstairs. However, Bridget finds out that instead of hiding her away, her mother has embraced a new campaign slogan – Pamela Jones supports single mothers, minorities, the majority of homosexuals and Italians.

The turkey curry buffet features a lovely selection of Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri china. Including the impressive tureen, along with various serving pieces and salad plates.


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