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Will and Grace (New) – Season 1, Ep 7 – Royal Stafford Asiatic Pheasant Black

Will and Grace  | Season 1, Episode 7 - A Gay Olde Christmas

We’ve all heard the term historical period drama, but what about a historical period comedy?

That is what Will and Grace offered us for Christmas in 2017. It was a look back at a simpler time, that maybe wasn’t so simple. Many of the issues facing the country 100 years ago – poverty, racism, homophobia (bigotry), immigration – are still alive and well.

In this scene Fanny (Grace) is trying to convince her husband Billiam (Will) not to evict the poor immigrant family living in his tenement. Also during the scene, Fanny is raving about the fantastic new cookie – the Oreo. This doesn’t make very much sense since the Oreo was invented in March, not December; and the Oreo was just a knock off of the Hydrox cookie, which had already been around for 4 years. One would assume that the novelty of the cookie would have worn off in 4 years. Regardless, the Oreo is an excuse for Fanny to indulge her sweet tooth and “invent” Oreos and milk. She enjoys her Oreos on a Royal Stafford Asiatic Pheasant Black plate.

The choice of an Asiatic Pheasant pattern was a good one because Asiatic Pheasant patterns enjoyed considerable popularity from 1840-1914 (although the Royal Stafford pattern has only been in production since 2005). Many manufacturers have renditions of this popular motif including Johnson Brothers, Wedgwood, and Burgess & Leigh.

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