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Great British Baking Show Masterclass – Season 4, Episode 5

The Great British Baking Show Masterclass  | Season 4, Episode 5

This show may be a Masterclass in baking, but it is also a Masterclass in classic British holiday china. While Paul and Mary share recipes for their favorite holiday treats, we are also treated to a myriad of beautiful Christmas china.

The patterns shown include: Spode Christmas Tree, Royal Worcester Holly Ribbons, and Portmeirion The Holly and The Ivy.

As the episode begins, Paul and Mary share their favorite holiday items and activities over a cup of tea. The tea set is Royal Worcester Holly Ribbons. This pattern is repeated throughout the episode, as several desserts are served on the Holly Ribbons bread and butter plates.

In the first recipe of the episode, Mary makes a beautiful Christmas cake. The entire process takes more than 3 weeks. When she turns the cake out of the tin, Mary uses a Spode Christmas Tree cake plate.

In the second recipe of the episode, Paul shares his recipe for minced pies. The pies are perfectly cooked to a beautiful golden brown. But Paul goes one step further – he adds a bit of cream into the pockets between the fruit. The cream is poured from a Portmeirion The Holly and The Ivy pitcher.

In the third recipe, Mary makes her traditional yule log. While the yule log is served on a lovely slate, they eat the cake on the Royal Worcester Holly Ribbons china.

The fourth recipe is for Paul’s not-so-traditional Panettone. This is carved and served on a rustic wooden cutting board – no fine china for this rustic recipe.

The fifth recipe is the traditional Christmas pudding. Mary turns out the pudding on to a Portmeirion The Holly and The Ivy footed cake plate.

The sixth recipe is for Paul’s Chelsea Buns filled with Christmas leftovers. The Portmeirion The Holly and The Ivy pitcher makes a reappearance for this recipe. It is used to add the milk and water to the dough.

Interspersed throughout the episode are a few non-Christmas plates including a Wedgwood Gilded Weave saucer in the sixth recipe to pour in the yeast.


**Note** This Season has been called both Season 4 and Season 5. The seasons on Netflix are a out of sync compared to how they were originally aired in the UK. Please read this article by way of an explanation –


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