TV Shows | 10.18.2016

This Is Us- Season 1, Episode 3- Threshold Wellsbridge Aqua

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 3

Arguably one of the most emotionally riveting shows created for television, This Is Us features a modern day family undergoing modern day struggles; racism, bullying, sick parents, divorced parents, adoption, alcoholism, drugs, romance, weight loss, childbirth, job loss, etc. The ability to portray very common struggles in such an uncommon, relatable style is something creator Dan Fogelman has truly mastered.

In this specific scene, Kate, (Chrissy Metz) and new boyfriend, Toby, (Chris Sullivan) are actively supporting one another on their weight loss journey. After Kate accidentally punches Toby in the face (thinking he was an intruder), Kate cooks Toby a disturbingly healthy breakfast of egg whites and steel cut oatmeal pancakes, sans salt, sugar, and oil of course. As they’re choking down their meal, we notice the classy, modern look of Wellsbridge Aqua dinnerware from Threshold (Target). Each piece features a translucent, aqua glaze against a beautifully designed scalloped edge.

Their romantic breakfast is rudely interrupted by Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate’s self centered, yet quite attractive, twin brother as he steals a bowl of healthy strawberries and begins rattling off about himself, as his modus operandi.