TV Shows | 3.1.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 6-Hobnail Pink Glass

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 6

No one in the Pearson family really knows what Randall does for a living because it truly goes over everyone’s heads. His intelligence and intense focus has continued to drive him since he was little, and this intensity has only grown throughout his adult life into a career that pays well yet is difficult to explain.

Frustrated by having to discuss his job title over and over, Randall decides to embark on the journey into his artistic self and announces to the family that he will be taking piano lessons and his recital will be in the spring. After confidently relaying this message of “the new me” to his family, Randall struts out of the kitchen. After this dramatic speech Randall’s oldest daughter asks, “What was that?” to which Beth remarks, “That was a mid-life crisis baby, just a little one, so go on and eat your waffle.” This causes William to laugh and the two of them share a comedic, heart felt moment over Randall’s “little” mid-life crisis.

Throughout this scene, William is drinking his orange juice from a fantastic, vintage pink pattern from Hobnail.