TV Shows | 7.14.2017

Treehouse Masters – Bon-Appé-Treehouse – Season 7, Ep 1 – Michael Aram Serverware and China

Treehouse Masters  | Season 7, Ep 1 - Bon-Appé-Treehouse

In honor of Bastille Day, we wanted to do a French themed post. This may be a stretch, but in this episode of Treehouse Masters, Pete Nelson and his crew work with a French restaurant – The Laurel Tree in Utopia, Texas.

The idea was to create an intimate dining space with room for one table. The decor was inspired by a stained glass window that features red flowers, trees, and placid water.

Designer Tory Jones used several Michael Aram Olive Branch serving pieces to compliment the Provencal design. Olive branch pieces include a large wooden wide serving bowl, pitcher, cheese board, and serving utensils. Additionally, she used Michael Aram Forest Leaf china – the perfect choice for any treehouse dining room! Other Aram pieces used include Botanical Leaf napkin rings and Bark polished ice bucket.

The botanic inspired pieces by Michael Aram mix and match beautifully and succeed in bringing the outside in.

Most amazing about this treehouse? Anyone (with $300) can book this treehouse dining room for their own special occasion. Visit the Laurel Tree website here.