TV Shows | 6.18.2017

Happy Father’s Day featuring Greg Otto – American Housewife – Season 1 – Rooster Kitchen Accessories

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This show may be called American Housewife, but Dad Greg Otto is the heart of the family. He offers a tempering force to Katie’s invasive, pervasive parenting style.

Greg can be seen as the voice of reason, trying to keep peace in the family and providing a warm loving home for his three kids. He is the kind of dad that builds tents in the living room and wears a blanket as a cape. He is the voice of reason, that is, until Taylor starts dating the charming Eyo, played by veteran child actor – Amarr Wooten. When the relationship gets serious, all reason evaporates. Greg then resorts to extreme techniques to monitor their behavior, including sitting right outside Taylor’s bedroom and using a drone to monitor her every movement.

Throughout Season 1, Greg is often found in the kitchen, which is central to the Otto’s small New England cottage-style home. The house is fun mix of eclectic housewares. The mix may appear haphazard, but seems to suit the Ottos just fine. Often in the background, we can see Everything Kitchens Home Essentials Rooster Chalkboard Canisters. These versatile canisters are perfect for the non-traditional family. Maybe you don’t keep sugar and flour in your canisters. Maybe you keep nuts and jelly beans! The chalkboard fronts allow you to change the contents as often as you like. Another rooster themed item is seen in the kitchen is the 3 section rooster condiment/candy dish.


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