TV Shows | 1.28.2017

Modern Family- Season 8, Episode 4- Pottery Barn Cambria and Russel Wright Steubenville American Modern

Modern Family  | Season 8, Episode 4

Just another average morning in the Dunphy household: Claire needs her coffee, Alex is working vigorously on homework, and Phil has decided to don bright red lipstick and heavy eyeliner worthy of Marilyn Manson. “Just a little color to make my eyes pop…like yours are now” he assures his wide-eyed, fearful family as he prepares to be featured on the local news. Haley muses, “Is this how you’re transitioning? Oh please don’t pick a young name. The world doesn’t need a 50 year old Jasmine.”

While observing the “rocky horror picture show”, according to Claire, we notice a Pottery Barn Cambria Turquoise Mug and a Russel Wright Steubenville American Modern Seafoam Sugar Bowl with Lid (we’ll give you a moment to take all that in).

Although wildly different manufacturers, these two items complement one another almost identically. The Turquoise mug from Pottery Barn creates an earthy impression, featuring a natural blue glaze over exposed undertones. The American Modern Seafoam sugar bowl from Russel Wright Steubenville exudes the same natural earth tones against a more round, portly figure.

Unlike Katy Otto from American Housewife or Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, Claire Dunphy is a bit more straight edge (Phil and the kids may even call it obsessive compulsive disorder); she likes her dinnerware to match, her counters clean, and her life in order. So it would only make sense for the clever Claire to pick two very different dinnerware manufacturers and create a perfectly matching mug and sugar bowl set.