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Last Day of Summer – Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life – Summer – Mainstays Causal Banded Cobalt Blue

Gilmore Girls  | Year in the Life - Summer

In honor of the last day of Summer 2017, we are featuring a pattern from Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Summer Episode.

In this episode, things for Lorelai are quickly unraveling at the Dragonfly Inn. Sooki is still on her hiatus, her spiritual quest, that continues to keep her away from the inn. Michel has been begging to expand the inn. When Lorelai indicates that expansion is impossible due to wildlife preserves and fire lanes, Michel tells her that he is taking a job at the W hotel.

Meanwhile, the Dragonfly Inn’s kitchen has been a star-studded, rotating smorgasbord of chefs in Sooki’s absence, but in this scene, it is Luke who is filling in for Tuesday Burger Day.

Luke is screaming at the waiters for being too slow delivering the food, at Michel for leaving the inn, and at Table Number 6 for thinking that he has ground up some guy named Pat LaFrieda into his burgers. (Pat LaFrieda being, of course, the famous New York butcher, especially renowned for burgers.)

Lorelai is in the middle of a kitchen maelstorm, filling her obligatory cup of coffee, when Rory calls. Apparently the Gazette doesn’t deliver itself.

The coffee cups featured in this scene are by Mainstays in the Casual Banded Cobalt Blue Pattern.

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