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American Housewife – Season 1, Ep 18 – World Market Peacock

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 18 - Ottos Don't Quit

In honor of the return of American Housewife (Wednesdays, 9:30 Eastern)- ABC’s irreverent family comedy – we are featuring American Housewife Katie at her best.

In this episode, Greg is worried that Taylor quits everything she starts. A trait he blames on Katie. Katie has a box of long forgotten projects in her closet – including a baby blanket for Taylor, a memory book for Oliver, and the French language CDs that were never used – for a trip to Paris that they will never take.

In order to appease Greg, and set a good example for her children, Katie starts taking French immersion classes. Though it doesn’t seem that Katie realizes what exactly French immersion is. After one class, she is ready to quit. Instead of just telling Greg and the kids, Katie skips class to hang out with her friends. Predictably, Greg catches her, and is rightfully disappointed.

But in this scene, Katie comes through. She sets up a French Bistro in their kitchen. With the help of her kids, Katie gives Greg the French experience he has been seeking. Taylor as café owner and sommelier, Oliver as the rude waiter, and entertainment borrowed from Anna-Kat. Katie has been listening to the French CDs, and reads from the beloved children’s book Madeline – en français – mais oui, bien sûr.

The table is set with Peacock by World Market. Though these plates are made in Portugal, they capture the look of popular yellow and blue French pottery. World Market is a smart choice for this family on a budget – beautiful plates that cost less than a meal at a French restaurant.


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