TV Shows | 1.25.2016

Everybody Loves Raymond- Season 1, Episodes 2 and 3- Caleca Marina

Everybody Loves Raymond  | Season 1, Episodes 2 and 3

After realizing he has trouble saying, “I Love You”, Ray Barone consults his parents, Frank and Marie Barone, to find out if they are the reason he isn’t emotional towards his wife, Debra Barone. After a series of events, Frank and Marie profess their love for their children, in a smothering fashion, and continue to lavish hugs and kisses upon their family when brother Robert Barone walks in. Robert begins feeling emotional and hugs Debra, professing his love. Throughout this emotional, laughable scene, a small Caleca Marina mug is seen peeking out of the glass cabinet.

The Caleca Marina mug features a soft, yellow band stretching around the top and bottom of the dish and bordering a blue, hand painted flower and vine in the center.

The Caleca Marina pattern is also seen in the beginning of the third episode. In this scene we see a Caleca Marina sugar bowl and canister, pictured on top of the hutch behind the Barone twins’ high chair.