TV Shows | 2.1.2016

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23- Season 2, Episodes 6, 10, and 12- Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Don't Trust the B  | Season 2, Episode 12

The quirky, chaotic relationship between Chloe and June is captured in these specific scenes, featuring the beautiful Butterfly Meadow pattern from Lenox. June’s naive, innocent self can be paralleled with the soft innocence of this delightful pattern.

In the first scene, we see the two roommates energetically engaged in a TV show. Amidst the laundry and visible clutter of the girls’ living room we see a feminine, crisp dinnerware pattern. Lenox’s Butterfly Meadow soup cereal bowls, featured on the coffee table and then again in June’s hands, create an elegant, clean look despite the turbulent state of the apartment.

In the second scene, we see June setting the Butterfly Meadow dishes for a dinner party for Chloe, a dinner that Chloe is very late to. Displayed on the table is Butterfly Meadow plates, salad bowls, and serving dishes.

In the third scene, we see June smiling to herself as she cuts a banana into the Butterfly Meadow soup cereal bowl.

Lenox’s Butterfly Meadow pattern brings a touch of springtime to any dining experience with colorful blue and red flowers attached to their fresh, green stems adorned by fluttering butterflies.