TV Shows | 1.31.2017

American Housewife-Season 1, Episode 8-Matceramica Batalha Blue and Le Creuset

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 8

In the Otto household, heated debates, moments of comedic hilarity, and over dramatic events take place primarily in the kitchen. Lucky for us, this is also where most of Katy’s mix n’ match, hodge-podge collection of dinnerware is featured as well!

In this specific episode, we notice a Matceramica Batalha Blue 9″ Vegetable Bowl and a Le Creuset Spoon Rest seated on the family’s island. The Batalha Blue pattern features a beautiful, light blue glaze over embossed scrolls, circles, and dots. The Le Creuset Spoon Rest is perfect for resting dirty spoons, spatulas, or any other serving utensil; made with a durable anti-odor, anti-absorbent, anti-stain enamel!