TV Shows | 2.1.2017

Rules of Engagement-Season 1, Episode 3- Portmeirion Olive Bistro

Rules of Engagement  | Season 1, Episode 3

At the beginning of the episode, Audrey and Jeff are having breakfast at the diner. Russel comes in with Danni, a 24 year old lifeguard. As Jeff tries to keep his tongue in his mouth, Audrey is disgusted by her husband’s blatant ogling.

When they get back to their apartment, Jeff promises Audrey that he won’t leave her for a 24 year old. Audrey can’t stifle her laughter, saying she is not at all concerned about that happening.

Jeff, then feeling slighted, says that he could definitely pull a 24 year old, but there is no way for them to prove him right. Audrey then offers a wager, and a hall pass. One night, no wedding ring, get a 24 year old’s number. As the terms of the wager are discussed, Audrey is fixing herself a cup of coffee in a Portmeirion Olive Bistro mug.