Movies | 1.19.2017

The Parent Trap (1961) – Platinum Elegance by Schumann-Bavaria

At the end of this romantic caper, Mitch realizes that it isn’t having a woman in his life that he misses, it’s Maggie he misses. As he washes the stew off his shirt, he tries to woo Maggie back into his life with a comical list of things he misses about her: The wet stockings she would hang around the bathroom, his razor being dull because she used it to shave her legs too often, her hair pins mixed up with the fish hooks in his tackle box, having a clothes closet all to himself, and swearing is no fun, because Maggie isn’t there to pretend to be shocked. He clinches his list with, “Nothing is any good without you Maggie.”

Throughout the scene Maggie silently sits in front of her untouched stew, served in a Schumann Bavaria Platinum Elegance coupe soup bowl. The Bavaria Platinum Elegance pattern, created in 1957 and discontinued in the early 1970’s, features a simple white glaze trimmed in platinum against a beautiful scalloped edge.