Movies | 1.12.2017

The Parent Trap (1961) – Contessa Black by Flintridge

Parents Mitch and Maggie decide to divorce when their twin daughters are 1 year olds. Instead of the usual shared custody, the parents decide to each take a twin and live their separate lives as single parents. Once you accept this rather arcane premise, you are in for a fun ride. Mitch Evers is the uber-masculine man – living on his ranch in California; while Maggie McKendrick lives a high society life in Boston. Its a wonder they ever made it work…..until you see their chemistry when they’re together – then you wonder how they ever parted.

In the penultimate scene in the movie, Maggie is making stew. When Mitch finds out that the housekeeper, Verbena, has the night off he sees his last chance to win Maggie back. He washes up for dinner, and makes his move. On the kitchen table, we can see Flintridge Contessa Black dinner plates – the perfect masculine, yet refined, choice for Mitch.

**Author’s note: Parent Trap was made in 1961. According to Replacements, this pattern wasn’t released until 1964. There are two ways to account for this discrepancy. Either the production date is off on the plates (which can happen) or the production team on the movie got an early release on the pattern.

While there are many plate designs with black and platinum bands on the edge there are two reasons that explain why this is indefinitely Flintridge. First, Contessa Black by Flintridge is the only pattern produced near the time of the movie. Second, Contessa Black has much wider, more pronounced bands and a distinctive coupe shape. However, I will also mention Duchess by Meito as an alternative option for what these plates may be.