TV Shows | 2.20.2016

Gilmore Girls – Season 1 Episode 14 – Corelle Spring Blossom (Crazy Daisy)

Gilmore Girls  | Season 1, Episode 14

In a touching scene between Luke and Lorelai, we get a glimpse behind the counter at Luke’s Diner. There is a spot on the wall where his father wrote down an order when he ran out of paper. Luke and Lorelai sit down behind the counter to see the order – “3 Hammers, PhillipsHead screwdriver, 3 Boxes of Nails Assorted Sizes.” As they sit down, we can see 2 Corelle (Corning) Spring Blossom Mixing Bowls – the 8 5/8″ wide and the 7 1/8″ wide. This pattern is affectionately known to its fans as Crazy Daisy.