TV Shows | 2.23.2016

Friends- Season 1, Episode 1- Whitehall Light Blue by Colony

Friends  | Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2

The Friends pilot is a special one as we are first introduced to the whole crew: Phoebe, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey. The specific scene we are viewing features the flighty and privileged, yet lovable, Rachel Green (played by actress Jennifer Aniston) as she explains to her new friends that she has left her fiancé at the alter and is feeling confused and lost. In this scene, we see a a whole array of cups, plates, and various kitchen items on display. However, one particular pattern is stands out in many moments throughout the scene. The Whitehall Light Blue Iced Tea Glass is first spotted behind Rachel, next to the wooden dish drying rack, as Rachel talks on the phone with her father. This footed, Art Deco styled glass features a soft, blue hue against embossed, cubed shapes.The glass is next seen in Ross Geller’s (played by actor David Schwimmer) hand, filled with orange juice, as he listens incredulously to Rachel on the phone.  Finally, we see this vintage glass sitting on the table between Monica Geller (played by actress Courteney Cox) and Rachel towards the end of the episode, after Rachel has moved in and moved on from her first wedding experience.