TV Shows | 8.5.2016

Bones- Season 10- Episode 10- Franciscan Starburst

Bones  | Season 10, Episode 10

To celebrate the 200th episode of the series, Bones delivers a classy 50’s throwback episode. In this episode, Brennan and Booth experience all the touches of a Hollywood 1950’s society- Brennan has to deal with sexism and unappreciative coworkers on the police force while Booth falls into underground criminal activity as a jewel thief.

The set stylist could not have chosen a more perfect pattern than the Franciscan Starburst pattern for this particular episode, a pattern manufactured in Los Angeles in 1954. The Starburst pattern became the product of a new wave of industrialization after the war; kitchens became stylized with shiny, chrome appliances and Starburst fit perfectly into the “modern” look. Franciscan Starburst dishes can seen throughout the 1950’s flashback episode.