TV Shows | 1.3.2017

American Housewife – Season 1, Ep 4 – Casafina Madeira Harvest Covered Casserole

American Housewife  | Season 1, Episode 4 - Art Show

In ABC’s fabulous new comedy, the title character Katie is trying to raise her three children in Westport Connecticut – the natural habitat for mommies with flat tummies, high tight butts, and green drinks. Katie’s goal is to make two of her kids fit in less, and one of them fit in more.

In Episode 4, Katie decided (or was forced) to stop shopping in Westport, because they sell nothing in her size. She now orders all of her clothing from Kansas, where she is a size Medium. While reveling in her triumph with best friend Angela, we can see an assortment of mismatched dishes in the Otto kitchen. On the center of the island is a Casafina Madeira Harvest Oval Covered Casserole dish. This charming pattern features embossed fruit and antiqued edges. The pattern comes in white, honey, dijon, sage, robin’s egg, vanilla, smoked salmon, and moss.