TV Shows | 11.24.2021

White House Thanksgiving – Waterford Crystal 5″ Footed Bowl

White House Thanksgiving  | White House Thanksgiving 2021

For the Food Network’s show, White House Thanksgiving, Trisha Yearwood is invited to prepare Thanksgiving dinner with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and White House Executive Chef, Cristeta Comerford.

One of the recipes featured in the episode is a cranberry relish with honey and oranges. The honey is considered the “secret ingredient” in this recipe. The honey is made from bees that are kept on the White House grounds.

Trisha Yearwood indicates that relish is much easier to make than cranberry sauce because it isn’t cooked – the ingredients are just blended together raw, then served. Preparation for this traditional Thanksgiving side dish takes only 5 minutes. The cranberry relish is presented in a gorgeous Waterford cut crystal 5″ footed bowl. This may be a subtle nod to President Joe Biden’s Irish roots, or it may be a testament to the beauty and elegance of Waterford crystal.

Try the recipe out for yourself this Thanksgiving.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, it will air again at 10AM Eastern on Thanksgiving (Nov 25, 2021) or watch it online here.