TV Shows | 4.16.2018

Weeds Week – 222 Fifth Beach Stripes

Weeds  | Season 5, Episode 11 and Season 8, Episode 11

222 Fifth Beach Stripes is a bright beachy pattern that shows up twice in the show Weeds.

The first time is when Andy is dating Dr. Audra Kitson (played by the fabulous Alanis Morissette).  He is hosting her for dinner at the Ren Mar house to get away from the anti-abortion protestors.

While Andy attempts to show off his excellent cooking skills, we can see a 222 Fifth Beach Stripes 11″ Round Serving Bowl in the center of the table. Of course, dinner gets thrown aside in favor of a bedroom romp.

The second time we see the Beach Stripes pattern is while Doug is turning his homeless shelter tax scam into his religious cult tax scam. Doug is telling his homeless tenants (soon to be followers) about how God saved him from a shallow grave with a phone call. The Beach Stripes bowl is used to share the sacraments of this new religion. The sacraments, of course, being joints.


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