TV Shows | 5.30.2019

The Good Place – Le Creuset Zen Kettle Green

The Good Place  | Season 1, Episode 5 - Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis

Renewed for a fourth season, “The Good Place” is a humorous romp through the after-life of Eleanor Shellstrop who met her untimely end when hit by a shopping cart.  Apparently, a mistake has been made as Eleanor, a rude and nasty person in life, does not meet the ethical requirements for admittance to the Good Place.  She spends her time trying to keep the obvious mistake hidden from Michael, the Architect in charge of their neighborhood.

In this episode, Chidi, an ethics professor in life and Eleanor’s assigned soul-mate in the after-life, discovers Eleanor’s secret and gives her lessons in morality in the hopes of keeping her from going to the Bad Place.  Frustrated, he realizes that Eleanor has become a full-time job, and he grows weary of trying to reform her. They argue and decide they need space from each other at the same time Michael issues a lock down.   Apparently, a sink-hole has unexplainably appeared in the neighborhood, and Michael asks all residents to stay inside for their safety.  Tensions mount as Chidi and Eleanor are confined to their house for days.

Surrounded by the growing mess, Eleanor wonders why the dishes haven’t magically cleaned themselves like before.  Chidi admits that he has been cleaning up after her and demands that they discuss the problems that still lie between them.  Perhaps if they had made use of the lovely green Le Creuset Zen Kettle on the stove between them, they could have worked out their issues over a pot of tea.

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