TV Shows | 7.3.2018

Nailed It! Season 2, Ep 1 – Royal Albert Old Country Roses

Nailed It!  | Season 2, Episode 1

In Netflix’s madcap baking show, Nailed It!, contestants compete to be the best of the worst bakers in America. These bakers have no training, no skills, and no idea how to create truly baketastic creations.

In Season 2, Episode 1; bakers are challenged to create a gravity defying dessert “fit for a queen”. The cake, named High Tea Anti-Gravity Cake, features a teapot suspended mid-pour while tea filling a dainty tea cup.

The cake is set up on a lovely display table – complete with a real dessert setting by Royal Albert. The table includes a Royal Albert Old Country Roses cup, saucer, and dessert plate.

In the end, each baker produced a cake. Though, as expected, none measured up to the example cake. And none were worthy of the queen.


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