TV Shows | 8.10.2020

Metropolitan Opera’s FREE Nightly Opera–and dishes!

Take a cultural trip without ever leaving your home this summer with the Metropolitan Opera’s FREE Nightly Opera Streams.  We loved Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier back in July and we even found a Godinger Primavera teapot! Read on for more about this delightful production.

The Metropolitan Opera’s broadcast of Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier features glorious music, sumptuous sets and costumes, and plenty of mistaken identity and hijinks to keep everyone guessing until the spectacular finale. The glamorous Marschallin has taken a younger lover – Octavian, the Count Refrano. They’re surprised by her cousin, the Baron Ochs, and she convinces Octavian to disguise himself as a serving maid to bring them tea. As part of a long line of operatic convention, young men are often played by women. So, Octavian is played by a woman pretending to be a man who disguises himself as a woman – and that’s just the beginning of the confusion. He/she brings them tea in this charming Godinger Primavera teapots as the Baron flirts shamelessly with this new “maid.” Needless to say, things get very complicated very quickly, but everything works out in the end and everyone ends up exactly where they should be.

All the pieces – like the Godinger Primavera teapot – that create the detailed world of an opera are the responsibility of the Metropolitan Opera Props Department. This team of people create, find, and manage the thousands upon thousands of objects that make productions at the Metropolitan Opera magical. This includes everything from dishes and decorations to edible food and drink in all historical periods and geographic locations.

Tune in each night for a new free opera stream to see the amazing props department at work – and see how many #screentotable items you can identify on biggest operatic stage in America!