Celebrities, TV Shows | 6.22.2019

June, The Month of Roses — Royal Albert Old Country Roses

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June is the month of Roses!  From the delightful old-fashioned rose bushes to the stunning American Beauty, roses represent the re-emergence of summer more than any other flower.  Muse of poets, accessory to love declarations, inspiration for artists worldwide — the Rose has captivated humankind heart and soul.

And in the world of fine china, no one has captured the delicate and breathtaking beauty of the Rose more than Royal Albert in their Old Country Roses collection.  Introduced in 1962, it is no wonder this pattern with its near perfect depiction of red, pink, and yellow roses has become one of the world’s best-selling china patterns.

It’s popularity can be attested to by the amount of exposure it enjoys in the media.  From music video to sit-com to social media, Old Country Roses continues to grace any genre with its delicate beauty.

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