TV Shows | 7.1.2019

Fresh Off The Boat — Thunder Group Longevity

Fresh Off the Boat  | Season 3, Episode 19 — Driving Miss Jenny

Fresh Off The Boat chronicles the real-life story of Chinese immigrant Eddie Huang based on his memoir of the same name.  Airing in the Friday 8:00 PM time-slot, this successful sit-com finished its 5th season this past April.  In May, ABC announced that the popular show has been renewed for a 6th season.

For a moment, let’s flashback to season 3, episode 19 — “Driving Miss Jenny.”  Louis is worried about the new found freedom his non-English speaking mother has found through her motorized wheelchair.  No longer needing her son to chauffeur her around, Grandma Huang has been going to the grocery story, the senior center, and generally motoring around the neighborhood at will.

After trying to convince her to stop her unchaperoned motoring, Grandma Huang gives Louis the slip at the senior center.  Louis goes back home knowing she will return at some point.  Heading to the kitchen for a drink, Louis picks from a myriad of plastic cups highlighting various NBA basketball players.

Our focus, however, is not Louis’s extensive cup collection.  Rather, we celebrate Thunder Group’s Longevity melamine collection just one shelf above Larry Byrd and Chris Mullin.

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