Movies | 2.3.2018

February is for Lovers – Day 3 – Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Truth About Cats and Dogs is a classic 90s Romantic Comedy. In this movie, Janeane Garofalo (Abby) and Uma Thurman (Noelle) co-star. Through a series of lies and half-truths, Brian (Ben Chaplin) falls for Noelle’s looks and Abby’s brain.

The movie’s most memorable scene has Brian and Abby on an epically long phone conversation. They talk, they take a bath, they make tuna fish sandwiches, and then each climbs into their own bed for some over-the-phone intimacy.

During the phone conversation, Abby gives Brian step by step instructions on how to make the best tuna fish sandwich. She mixes her magic recipe in a fabulous Pyrex Primary Colors Mixing Bowl. (Letting your cat lick the spoon is optional).