TV Shows | 2.25.2016

Everybody Loves Raymond- Season 1, Episode 1-Fiesta

Everybody Loves Raymond  | Season1, Episode 1

The pilot to Everybody Loves Raymond begins with a chaotic scene of events as Debra Barone is trying to feed her three children, clean, and talk on the phone. Husband Ray Barone enters the scene and is immediately met with food-throwing babies and a screaming daughter. Throughout the humorous turmoil, we notice a colorful display of  Fiesta dinnerware in the background. In the shelves adjacent to the window sits a Fiesta Persimmon Teapot and Pitcher, a Fiesta Turquoise Teapot and Pitcher, and a Fiesta Yellow Teapot and Pitcher.

Fiesta, also known as Fiestaware, has been in existence, on USA soil, since the early 1900’s and continues to be one of the most recognizable manufacturers in the world. Fiesta’s affordable and bright characteristics allowed the company to continue manufacturing even through the Great Depression. Currently, Fiesta produces a wide range of colors from bright yellows to pastel browns, allowing every dish to be mixed and matched with another.