TV Shows | 2.1.2016

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23- Season 2, Episodes 6, 10, and 12- Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Don't Trust the B  | Season 2, Episode 12

The quirky, chaotic relationship between Chloe and June is captured in these specific scenes, featuring the beautiful Butterfly Meadow pattern from Lenox. June’s naive, innocent self can be paralleled with the soft innocence of this delightful pattern. In the first scene, we see the two roommates energetically engaged in a TV show. Amidst the laundry […]

TV Shows | 1.23.2016

Parenthood- Season 6, Episode 9- Home American Simplicity Floral

Parenthood  | Season 6, Episode 9

A warm yet sad scene is depicted between Julia Braverman-Graham (played by actress Erika Christensen) and her mother Camille Braverman (played by actress Bonnie Bedelia) as they discuss the unfair, hurtful experiences of Julia’s separation from husband Joel Graham (played by actor Sam Jaeger). In this scene, Camille and Julia are relaxing comfortably with a […]