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TV Shows | 6.16.2017

HIMYM- Season 5, Ep 6 – Home Tamarask and Thira Teal Mugs

HIMYM  | Season 5, Ep 6

In yet another effort to shield his children from an adult-themed story, Ted fondly recants this episode of How I Met Your Mother, referring to the very active, very noisy sounds coming from the new upstairs neighbors as, “bagpiping.” Throughout the episode, Ted and the crew are complaining about the constant “bagpiping,” yelling upstairs, “shut the bagpipes up!” In various scenes during the emphatic “bagpiping,” we fall victim to the impeccable home dining taste from both Lily and Marshall as well as Ted and Robin.

In Ted and Robin’s apartment, Marshall and Ted sit on the couch complaining about the incessant “bagpiping,” while a Home Tamarask mug listens in on the conversation. This striking mug features dark red squares outlined by clean black lines.

In Lily and Marshall’s kitchen, during an argument ensued by damaging encouragement from Barney, Home Thira Teal mugs sit unassumingly on the countertop and inside the glass cabinets. The mugs feature a teal glaze bordered by a dark metallic brown edge. You can find more Thira Teal here!

TV Shows | 10.7.2016

Pretty Little Liars- Season 1, Episode 4- Home’s Thira Teal

Pretty Little Liars  | Season 1, Episode 4

A show shrouded in mystery, unexpected turns, and of course, lies, Pretty Little Liars follows the story of four friends actively piecing together the murder mystery of their best friend, Alison (played by Sasha Pieterse). To add a creepy, “back from the dead” sort of vibe, each friend is visited by little clues they believe to be left by their dead friend.

As the main plot thickens throughout the show, small dramatic battles are being fought. Emily (played by Shay Mitchell) struggles to come to turns with her own sexuality. Spencer (played by Troian Bellisario) tries to prove herself to her family as she remains under her sister’s ivy league shadow. Hanna (played by Ashley Benson) continues to feel worthless and unwanted by her absent father, and Arya (played by Lucy Hale) is everyone’s secret keeper, even though she holds her own secret that could end detrimentally if not handled with care.

In this specific scene, Arya is struggling to keep her father’s unfaithful secret so her mother won’t find out. Still oblivious, Arya’s mother is preparing for a romantic dinner between her and her husband. Right before she leaves, Arya is urged by a flashback to tell her mother what she’s been keeping for her lying father, however loses strength and simply asks for a piece of carrot.  During this awkward, tense scene we notice a stack of Thira Teal dinner plates by Home (Target). The plates feature a teal glaze throughout the center, bordered by a dark metallic brown edge. This beautiful, yet dark, pattern is a perfect homage to the dark beauty sentiments found throughout the show.