TV Shows | 3.1.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 6-Hobnail Pink Glass

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 6

No one in the Pearson family really knows what Randall does for a living because it truly goes over everyone’s heads. His intelligence and intense focus has continued to drive him since he was little, and this intensity has only grown throughout his adult life into a career that pays well yet is difficult to explain. […]

TV Shows | 2.22.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 5- Godinger Cream Lace Creamer

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 5

Losing weight is a continuous uphill battle for Kate Pearson yet she is determined to meet her goals, attend her weight loss meetings, and make “nonsense made up food”, according to her boyfriend Toby. In this specific scene, Kate is serving Toby breakfast in bed. A “delicious” breakfast made up of cheese squares and hemp […]

TV Shows | 2.16.2017

Friends-Season 2, Episode 16- Mikasa Charisma Black and Corelle Spice of Life

Friends  | Season 2, Episode 16

Introducing your new boyfriend to your family can be a difficult, sensitive endeavor in and of itself. However introducing your new boyfriend who just so happens to be your dad’s best friend could be a potential disaster. For Richard (Tom Selleck, the only man who looks amazing with a mustache) and Monica (Courteney Cox), the […]

TV Shows | 2.14.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 12- Pfaltzgraff Hopscotch Dish Towel

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 12

In honor of St. Valentine, we wanted to celebrate tv’s most beloved couple: Jack and Rebecca Pearson. Rebecca Pearson describes her husband, Jack, “He’s pretty much perfect. I’ve seen what else is out there”, and we couldn’t have said it any better. In another touching episode of This Is Us, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is nearing the […]

TV Shows | 2.13.2017

Blue Bloods- My Funny Valentine-Le Creuset Blue Rectangular Baker

Blue Bloods  | Season 1, Episode 14

In this episode, My Funny Valentine, Danny is trying to find a teenager who possibly arranged her own kidnapping. Meanwhile the rest of the Reagan family are coping with the emotional fallout of a Valentine‘s Day without someone special.As the family gathers for dinner, Linda comments on how delicious the food smells. The boys ask what it […]

TV Shows | 2.12.2017

How I Met Your Mother-Season 2, Episode 22-Mikasa Park Lane

How I Met Your Mother  | Season 2, Episode 22

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then with one of our favorite TV weddings?! The big day has (finally) come for Marshall and Lily. After celebrating two weddings (one in private and one for the guests), Marshall and Lily are hungry and ready to sit down to eat their expensive dinner. However, as per usual […]

TV Shows | 2.11.2017

This Is Us-Season 1, Episode 2- Le Creuset White Kettle

This Is Us  | Season 1, Episode 2

Unlike his parents, Jack and Rebecca, Randall Pearson loves the refined and sophisticated aspects of life; he drives a Mercedes, wears expensive suits, and lives in an affluent, upscale neighborhood. Randall and Beth Pearson’s love for the finer things in life carries over into their own home. Every item has a specific purpose and adds to […]

TV Shows | 2.10.2017

Bones-Season 10, Episode 10 – Pottery Barn Cambria Turquoise

Bones  | Season 10, Episode 10

While Christine and her imaginary friend Buddy have a tea party, Bones is sitting at the kitchen counter eating breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee using Pottery Barn Cambria Turquoise tableware. While Booth laments Buddy’s voracious appetite for imaginary cake, Bones says Christine’s relationship with Buddy is no different than Booth’s relationship with God. Bones […]